Reasons to rent a car in Dubai

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Why do people rent a car here?

If you are a tourist:

Being a tourist in Dubai is a pleasure. Beach, malls, luxury hotels and amazing sights which are famous all around the world. But how is it possible to visit all these terrific places in such a big city during your visit? There are several answers.

The first option, the cheapest and the most inconvenient, is public transport. It is true that Dubai has amazing transport system but even being so efficient and fast in comparison with other cities, it is not convenient to use metro and for example tram due to several facts.

Firstly, if you are in the hotel which is far from metro , you will also have to pay for the taxi , just to get there ( no one likes to travel on foot when it is at least +30) .

Secondly, both the metro and tram systems are not spread so widely to bring you to all the places you would like to visit.

Another possibility is to travel by taxi. Pretty expensive and not so convenient.

First of all, most of the time it is quite challenging to get a taxi (if you are not in the mall or live in a big hotel). Sometimes you have to wait for 20 or even 40 minutes just to get a taxi in a rush hour or at 5 o’clock (the time when the shift is changed).

Also the taxi can be really expensive and just to get to the beach and back will cost you more than renting a small car for a day.

The most convenient and one of the cheapest is to rent a car. Dubai is a city with a rapid pace of development and as a result the city is becoming bigger and bigger enormously fast. To stay here for some time without a car if you are a tourist, means to lose great opportunities and lot of time and money. Just try to imagine how many places one can visit if you have a car. Going to marina beach in the morning, than you can have a lunch in a picturesque park, and then shopping in a mall and a great dinner afterwards somewhere on Jumeirah. Sounds wonderful isn’t it? And thanks to highways the average time in the road won’t be more than 25 minutes even if you go pretty far. Want to have great holidays? Rent a car!

If you are here for business:

Every businessman knows the most common proverb “time is money” and every good businessman knows that precious minutes will never come back. What to do if you are not ready to waste time in public transport and while waiting for a taxi driver? Rent a car! Take advantage of those who are too greedy to spend 90 AED per day (even cheaper if take the car monthly) and be the first everywhere! Renting a car is the first thing to do, if you want to succeed in this city. Your boss is tired of you constantly being late? You waste more than an hour to get home from work? You are tired of crowds in the metro? Rent a car and focus your direct responsibilities! Be the first who comes to the office! Make a surprise dinner for your wife before she comes home! You will smile next time you see a crowd near metro! Be smarter than those who commute and use taxi! Rent a car with yeti car rental and be first!

It is difficult to overestimate what amazing advantages the car gives to you. Flexibility, punctuality, convenience and many other things that can make you a better and consequently more successful businessman.

For a really small price you can get so many benefits! 

Rent a car today with Yeti Car Rental !


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