Cheapest Car Rental in Dubai

Dubai is a city of rich opportunities, the city that is inviting and attracting many people of the excellent relaxation  and constant business development.

On arrival to the Emirates one of the most important issue is fast, comfortable and the most favourable moving around the country.

Where can you find cheap car rental in Dubai? 

The company Yeti Rent a Car offers car rental service, thanks to which you will be able to:

• make many interesting excursions and trips;

• be independent of expensive taxis and public transport schedules;

• have  an opportunity to travel around the city.


Because of low-cost fuel the  money invested  in car rental is fully repaid.

The best prices of a car rental in Dubai – when our desires coincide with our opportunities.

If you have decided to rent a car at the reasonable price for yourself in Dubai, first of all you'll need a short list of documents:

- copy of passport;

- copy of visa (it can be a tourist visa if you are on the rest; guest visa  if you are visiting your relatives; husband visa, husband- wife visa; residency visa);

- copy of driving license ( international standard in case of tourist or visit visas, or  local driving  license, in cases of husband or residency visa);

- car deposit (vehicle class depends on the amount).


Our company offers very convenient car reservation service.

In an hour our team will prepare a low-cost car for you and deliver it to the required address.

The Yeti Rent a car company suggests the best selection of the vehicles for the most reasonable prices. Only our company can  fulfill all your wishes and provide a modern, comfortable and presentable sedan or SUV on which you can easily move around the city. Our company is responsible for every our customers. One of the most demanded directions provided by the company is Budget car rental in Dubai. Additionally, the company offers the following services:

-modern GPS navigation system,

- experienced driver;

-comfortable child safety seat;

Use the best offers of the Yeti Rent a Car company.

 Book the cheap car in Dubai today and get the most favourable prices,  high-quality service and  new clean cars! 

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