FAQ For Car Rentals

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  • Valid Driving License
  • Passport
  • Emirates ID (For residents)
  • Entry stamp on the passport (For Tourist)
  • Credit or Debit Card (Visa/Master Card)
  • If you are on a Residential Visa in UAE you should have Valid UAE Driving License. (To get one you should contact Any Driving Institute in UAE)
  • If you are on a tourist visa in UAE you need to have International Driving License and your Original License from your home country.
  • You need to have a full rental amount for the period you require, depends on the car you will choose
  • Deposit (Refundable). Most Car Rentals ask for AED1500 per car.
  • Every business needs to protect itself from loosing money. If you catch the fine, the system could show it only after you will return the car. This money will be debited from your account and the rest will go back to your card within 20 days.
  • We can provide GPS, Baby Seats and car delivery.
  • We provide full comprehensive insurance along with the rental price per car.
  • In case the vehicle is involved in an accident in which the driver is at fault, the fee will be APPLIED, for further information, check with our Staff
  • With our company you will get high quality service, new car and always in good condition with affordable price.
  • Don’t forget to follow the driving rules!
  • Please, always pay for the parking.
  • Don’t beat the speed limits.
  • Always park the car properly
  • If this is a paid parking space, you will see Orange Banner with Parking rules, timings, and number of the parking area.
  • To pay for the parking you can choose 2 methods:
  1. PARK Machine (Every hour cost 2 AED, put 2-Dirham and press Ok. You should put receipt under the glass.
  2. By sms, from your mobile phone send sms to 7275 with text “Plate number number of area how many hours”.

For example: E56742 382F 3 (Car plate E56742, area 382F, for 3 hours). You will receive confirmation message with timings and reminder before the end of the paid period

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