Hyundai Accent for rent in Dubai

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  • Sedan Sedan
  • Car Seats 4 Seats
  • Engine 1,4 Litres
  • Transmission Automatic
  • Air conditioned A/C
  • Luggage _
  1. Minimum age of driver is 21 years (or additional insurance charges apply)
  2. Valid passport and visa required
  3. 6 months valid UAE driving license for residents (New license covered only together with 6 month license from your home country orr additional insurance charges apply)
  4. Valid International driving license for visitors and tourists (List of countries with their home driving license)
  5. Require DEPOSIT* blocking from Credit card
  6. All Yeti cars are non-smoking, fine applies.
  7. Car should be returned clean.
  8. In case of accident, if hirer is at fault or third party is unknown, INSURANCE EXCESS** is payable.

* Security Deposit: 1500.00

** Insurance Excess: 1500.00

1.4L Engine

Automatic transmition

Fuel efficiency (average) - 6.4L per 100 km

Minimum 2 days rent

For the past years Accent was one the best selling car in many countries in C class segment as well as it was on of the best vehicle in it segment as rent a car in Dubai on monthly bases. With a newer model it was important for engineers and marketing team not to spoil the car, so it was required to improve the things that was not so great in older version, but on the other hand it should be enough of novelties to keep the model for another 6 years on the market. From the first look you can think that there not so many changes in the car, maybe design and overall style of the car, however it is totally new car, with new body made of better steel, parts of rear suspension was taken from Higher class car Elantra, and rear shock absorbers installed almost vertically with an angle of 8.3’ compare to older 25”, power steering now is completely electrical. To feel the changes you can rent a car in dubai for a long term. Dimensions of the car became bigger for 30mm, trunk capacity have been increased - now it is 480 liters. Another extremely convenient change was done with the rear seat, now you can fold it to cary a long things in the car, all of this make this car a good option to rent a car monthly in dubai. 123 horse power engine was upgraded, to make it more fuel efficient however dynamics of the car stayed the same, however this engine even after 6 years stays on of the fastest in segment. The car overall gives better feeling which you can experience while car hire in dubai. Steering of the car is also made in a different, better was as well as sound insulation in the car on a better level. Accent is a good choice for car lease in dubai, as well as short term car rental in Dubai


Inclusive Charges
  • Comprehensive Vehicle Insurance

    Third Party liability.

    In case of accident if Hirer is not at fault insurance excess is AED 0.00

  • Vehicle Registration Fee

    Mandatory Charges.

  • Personal Accident Insurance

    Covers drivers and passengers in case of personal injury. (Mandatory)

  • VAT
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