Luxury Car Rental in Dubai

         It is impossible to imagine travelling around the United Arab Emirates without seeing all the sights. What's the sense of coming to a luxurious resort and staying all your holidays in a stuffy hotel room and only sometimes getting out to the beach? You should use all  the available opportunities to remain all Arabian Nights in your hearts.

         However,  in Dubai  except a wide range of different tours and excursions,one of the most popular types of entertainment is a really expensive sports cars  rental.In Dubai, you get a unique opportunity to rent these vip luxury cars for the necessary period.You can feel the power of sports cars, luxury Interior and perfect control. The excellent roads of the U.A.E.  and our  professionals will help you to fulfill your dreams.

Sports and luxury cars with Yeti Rent a car

         The Yeti Rent a car company is specialized in the section of the luxury cars.The company collected the best selection of sports cars, the business  class cars, rare cars as well as automobiles of unique models.Here you can find a variety of luxury cars rental, such as: Rolls-Royce Ghost, Bentley GTS, Mercedes SLS, the BMW X 6 Hamman, Porshe 911, McLaren 12 c Spider, Ferrari Italia 458, Lamborghini Diablo, Audi R8, Maserati Grand Cabrio and a lot of other models.Our managers will be able to choose a car for any taste and budget, and offer the most favorable price and rental terms.

         The Yeti Rent a car company offers the exceptional service and quality.You will spend at least an hour for hiring a car of your dream. The car will  be driven up to the door cleaned, mechanically checked and with all necessary documents.

What will you need for the vip luxury car rental in Dubai?

          First of all, it is the driving license, the copy of the passport and visa. This set of documents is enough for making luxury car rental in Dubai. The insurance and direct delivery to your hotel or apartment is also included in the rent price. As for the cost, conditions and deposit system, it differs and depends  on the period and the price of the car. For more detailed information contact our sales manager.

         Snatch the opportunity! It is a very rare chance to take the wheel of a stylish sports car costs in some hundred thousands dollars and drive out on the ideal roads of the United Arab Imirates and feel the power and freedom!

         Book now and get suitable rental terms! Reserve a luxury stylish car with the Yeti Rent a car and enjoy life and absolute freedom.

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