Insurance for rent a car, what does comprehensive and full insurance mean

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Which insurance rent a car companies can give? What is the difference? How to understand, what's included in the price of the car? For this and other questions you can find answers below.

You decide to rent a car in Dubai. Insurance for the car is the most important question you should have. First, pay attention to the company website. Most often, big international rent a car companies in Dubai take money for insurance separate, so you choose the car, you are happy with the price and after you recognize that you should take insurance for additional N dirhams per day. And there is another option, when mandatory comprehensive insurance already included in the price. Full comprehensive or comprehensive most of the time have the same meaning. 

So what does Comprehensive insurance mean? It is very easy and most popular insurance in UAE. Basically, comprehensive insurance covers everything in case of accident if you have a police report. If it is your fault - you will pay only excess amount, can be different for different car types. For rent a cars mostly it is 1500 AED for economic cars, 3500 AED for luxury cars and 5500 AED for most expensive cars. Actually 500 AED is the additional payment for rent a car for the time, which car will spend in the garage. If there is no other party or in case of hit and run, sadly but you will pay the excess. But if it is not your fault in the accident - you will not pay anithing. Police report is mandatory in all the cases! 

Of cause you can feel that hit and run is not your fault, but you are taking the car and you are responsible for it. By giving you a car, they give you their property and rent a car just want to recieve it in the same condition. So any scratches should be paid. Here you can bargain, but if you will not be happy with a price, rent a car will send the car to their authorised garage and they will provede you with invoice from them. Normally, the paint of one part cost around 400 AED. If the company ask more, don't forget that while the car is in garage, it is not working, so the company always loosing it revenue. But never try to fix the car by yourself! If the company will notice, they will take much more money from you, as you have no right to do it and normally it is written in the contract. Better not to leave the car in suspesious places and park it in proper places, because payment for parking will be less then for scratches. 

Some companies provede Full insurance. In this case you should know, that does it mean also. There is 2 ways: either this insurance will cover anything, any damage, any scratch without police report, anything; or this insurance cover only Police report and excess, but not the scratches from parking and doors. Regulary, first type is VERY expensive and you hardly find it anywhere. 

To decide if you need Full insurance, count your risks. If you drive very careful and feel you have enough experience, always park properly and do not use parallel parking if it is hard to fit in, you don't need to have a full insurance at all. If you will make an accident, you will pay only excess. If it is not your fault - you will not pay! This is good about rent a car in dubai, your risks are minimal and limited. The car broke down or somebody hit you, no headache. Return the vehicle and forget about it. 

But which type of insurance you will choose, it will not cover the Windows, Tyres and Seats. 

Good luck on the road!


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