Kia Sportage for rent Dubai

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Imagine: you want to spend time on the beach with your family. You have a child, you want to take umbrella and chairs, grab some snacks and by the sand close to the beach... How to do it without a car? Hmm..Hard, hot and heavy. How to do it with a small car? Possible, but you can stuck on the sand! You don't want to spend to much money on expensive SUV's. So what is the best choice? Rent Kia Sportage from Yeti Car Rental. 

Imagine: you have a child. You want to go to the park with your baby, you need a trolley. the weather is so hot and the trolley is quite heavy. After you want to visit a grosary and prepare food for your family, you have a baby, bags...What to do? Rent Kia Sportage from Yeti rent a car and don't forget to rent baby seat from us! 

Imagine: you are working the whole day and near your office the parking is full. There is a place on the sand and small cars can't park there. No problem, rent Kia Sportage from Yeti! 

Imagine: your parents are coming, so many bags, you need to collect them in the airpoport and fit all the stuff in the car. How to do it? Rent Kia Sportage in Dubai from Yeti Car Rental!

Why hire Kia Sportage? It has enough space, the fuel consumption is low, the design of the car is nice. The price for rent Kia Sportage in Dubai is cheaper than other SUV's, around 200 AED per day and 115 AED per day if you are taking monthly. 

The Monthly rent price for Kia Sportage is differ from one car rental to another and depend on the year of production. Remember, the fresher car you get, the better the company taking care of the car, the safer it is for driving. 

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