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Hello everyone! Looking to rent a car in Dubai? Great Idea!

Why it become so popular in Dubai? Almost everywhere in Dubai you can find a Car Rental company. First of all, Dubai is the place, where people come to earn money and most of the time it is not for a long term. For some people it is for a month, for some it is for years. But why they renting a car and not buying? The answer is very easy. To buy a car, you need to invest in depreciating accet, to take it in credit, you need to pay downpayment and make payments for several years plus persantages. Moreover, you need to pay for Registration, Insurance, Service, you need to spend your time...And in case of accident, you will have to wait while insurance will approve, while they will fix your car...

Yeti Rent a car in Dubai make everything much more easy. You took a car, you use it, you change it whenever you want. Don't like the color? No problem, take another one. Accident? No problem, take another one. Family came to visit you? No problem, change to bigger car. You need smaller car? No problem, take it! Need service? No problem, call and take the other car! So why taking care about everything by yourself? Always forgot to track your salik account? No problem, with a car rental you don't need to thing about it at all. All you need is to pay once per month and drive! 

Ok, you finally decide to hire a car. What is the problems that you can find? First of all, read the terms and conditions. Most of the car rental cars are non-smoking. Hmm..another good reason to stop smoking! In most of the rent a car companies there is a fine for a smoking odor, so even if you smoke outside carefully and wash your hands before driving - there will be no problem with returning the vehicle. What else? Drive carefully. Nowadays, rent a cars keeping new models of cars, so you can feel that it is like yours! So do not be surprised that this small scratch will be charged. And yeah, that one as well...And of cause dirty seats will not be missed. Why? Because the car is the main accet that rent a car have and like everything in Dubai, the paint of the parts are not cheap, insurance will pay only in case there is police report. Plus they loose the resale value..Make sence, right?  But the good news, that like the price of rent is cheaper in Dubai then Europe, the damages also cheaper. For small scratch under the bamber in Europe you will pay around 700 EURO, in Dubai around 350 Dirhams. 

Hope you find this information usefull, thank you for reading our Blog! 



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