Kia Optima VS Toyota Camry

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Optima Vs Camry

These two cars are really popular and both are explicitly decent in terms of car rental in Dubai.  Both cars have interesting features, both are in the same price range and have close characteristic. And here rises a question, what to choose? In this article we will try to figure out which car is better to rent in Dubai.

Let’s talk about each car for a while.

Kia Optima        


Kia Optima is relatively new, and hasn’t yet became really popular for rent in Dubai, but overall it is a good competitor for any car in this particular class and it will be proven by time.





Simplicity reigns with 2.4-litre four-cylinder engine (148kW/ 250Nm) turning a six-speed auto. It claims 7.9L/100km from a 70-litre tank. Steering column-mounted paddle- shifters turn the auto into a manual. Electric-assist steering, disc brakes all-round and 17-inch alloys are standard. The Kia will tow 1200kg, same as the Camry. Engine perfectly matches the needs for an average citizen that want to rent a car in Dubai.





Concerning design, it looks like it costs a lot more. Against the Camry, it's in a different bracket. Boot space is a fraction down on the Camry at 505 L. Sleek shape's lower roofline limits headroom but legroom is on par with Camry. Remote levers in boot make it easy to drop rear seats. Dash design with big centre screen is pretty and actually works. There's that foot-operated park brake again. Also, Optima has reverse camera and front and rear park sensors as standard. This amazing features make Optima stand out in comparison with other cars for rent in Dubai.








Moreover, Optima is incredibly safe with terrific ratings and high ranks on all tests.  There are six airbags and the car is made using the most recent safe technologies. Other interesting features, like heated mirror and other appealing minor things that increase comfort level in the car significantly. Safety is highly important for cars that are being rented in Dubai, because the pace of driving here is far more than average.









 It drives well but even though there's been Australian input into the steering and suspension, it feels overly light and less firm-footed. The seating position is lower, almost sporty, as confirmed by the small-diameter steering wheel. The ride is also a bit firmer - but never to the point of being uncomfortable - which aids its handling characteristics. On the whole, you will enjoy renting Optima in Dubai.

Toyota Camry


Toyota Camry is one of the most popular cars for rent in Dubai, and that is so because the car is really good, and it has already proven its authority amongst peers in the same class.




Toyota plays it safe with a de-stressed 133kW/231Nm 2.5-litre four-cylinder petrol engine and a six-speed automatic. It claims 7.8L/100km of standard petrol from a 70 litre tank. Electric-assist steering and all-wheel disc brakes are industry no-brainers.





Talking about design, it is not as bland as before. Pretty shape geared around efficient cabin access, decent 515-litre boot and cleanly-styled dash. Typical Toyota simplicity and functionality but foot-operated park brake (also on Kia) is the rough edge. Excellent cabin space with three-adult rear seat. Camry is very similar in dimensions to Kia - though arguably less attractive - but weighs a whopping 126kg less, aiding fuel economy and handling.







Also Toyota is a really safe car with expected basics like five-star crash rating, seven airbags, electronic stability and traction and full-size steel spare. Automatic headlights is a nice addition to this entry-level model.






Everything makes sense in this car and yet it isn't a dull ride. The engine has a nice sprinkle of pep and the six-speed auto is seamless. It sits firm and confident, the steering isn't too vague and it shows a clean tail through the corners ride comfort is very good with quietness helped by high-profile tyres. Though sometimes it feels way too light in steering.



In the end it is quite obvious that both cars are the best in theirs price range. Kia Optima is just a bit better-looking and has better safety rankings. Their technological features are pretty equal and Kia is just a bit cheaper.

Of course these cars are good for rent in Dubai, and you can rent both in our Yeti Car rental for the best price.



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