Kia Picanto Car Review

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Kia Picanto

In this review we would like to take a look at one car that has small size but big opportunities to provide for a driver.

The Kia Picanto is one of the superminis available in GCC, redesigned to a cute stylish shape, and improved the interior space by slightly increasing the size. Picanto is a 5-seater hatchback with a new 1.2L 4 cylinder engine.

This small, adorable car made especially for city driving with low oil consumption and it is pretty comfortable to drive. Interesting, a bit odd exterior makes this car one of the best looking cars in comparison with competitors and even some more expensive options in other price ranges.

Talking about its other appealing characteristics, we cannot miss technical features.  Picanto’s 1.25 engine is a great option for such a small car. Performance is incredible, though the price is still really low. As we’ve covered before, fuel consumption is decently good and one won’t even notice bills for oil. That makes this car even more attractable. Also Picanto is considered as a really safe car achieving 4 stars out of 5 possible in most of the safety tests.

Talking about possible cons, the most obvious one is its size. It’s not so spacious even for this class.  Of course it cannot fit in five people. Another issue with this car is speed, but that is not so remarkable with 1.2L engine, it is more of a problem for 1.0 L engines.

The main features of this car, most of which are optional, include:

Emergency Stop Signal (ESS), Vehicle Stability Management (VSM), Hill Assist Control (HAC), Front-Side Curtain Airbags, Electronic Stability Control (ESC), LED Front Markers, LED rear lamps, 13-inch or 14-inch steel wheels with full wheel covers, 14-inch or 15-inch alloy wheels, retractable dual cup holders, CD/MP3 stereo with AUX and iPod/USB ports, Bluetooth phone, keyless entry, fog lamps, power windows and sunroof.

In conclusion, we should say that Kia Picanto is one of the best options for rent a car in Dubai. Its cheap price and catching both interior and exterior designs make you love this small cutie a wonderful choice for you rental. 


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