Kia Sorento 2015 model 3.3L Review

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Today we want to share with you our thoughts about new Kia Sorento. It was launched just a few months ago and maybe you didn’t even notice this car on the roads in Dubai yet. The car has two types of engines, 2.4L and 3.3L and it is 7-seater. We choose 3.3L, because the car is not small and this engine is perfect for such car. Let’s look closer, what else you can find in Kia Sorento if you will decide to rent this car in Dubai from Yeti. 

First, new shape of Kia Sorento is just amazing. Design is very simple and modern. It has Auto-mirrors and Auto-lights, it is very comfortable, and when you close the car, the mirrors closes and lights turns off. Other useful features: Cruise Control, front and back Parking sensors, driving mode control. And it has 7 seats! If you don’t need them, you can easily close them and there will be enough space to buy some furniture. Third row will be great for children’s, so you don’t need 2 cars to fit a big family. If you need 7 seater for rent in Dubai, Kia Sorento is perfect choice. 

But how Sorento is behaving on the road? 3.3 L making this car very fast, you don’t need to accelerate too much and you feel relaxed on the road. Suspension is quite soft for humps on the Dubai Roads and it is very important for Dubai, as there are a lot of humps and they can be quite annoying.  

Our Finance manager said: “I was driving all Rent a car Kia, but when I seat for the first time inside NEW Kia Sorento, I was surprised. The interior looks so beautiful, spirometer and odometer are very comfortable and you can find everything in this car. I don’t want to rent it, I’ll drive it by myself!“ 

Talking about possible cons, Sorento has 7 seats, but with 3 rows you can put only one luggage in the tank. The good point is that you can open only half of the third row and it will be enough space for more stuff.  

Rent a car in Dubai is one of the businesses where there are a lot of companies and we are trying to give our customers best rates and best service for car rentals. Also we are working on our fleet and we are testing all the cars before giving it to the customers, so we can find all good features and all disadvantages. From today you can take Kia Sorento 2015 for rent in Dubai from Yeti Car Rental.


The views expressed in this article are the personal opinions only.


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