Rent a car in Dubai Airport, How to save money

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Good News! You are coming to Sunny Dubai! 

You start planning your trip and want to know how to rent a car in Dubai Airport.

Are you looking to rent a car in dubai airport? Wait! You don't need it! Almost any rent a car will deliver the car to any place in Dubai. The price of office rent in Airport is so high, that a lot of companies don't want to do it! Basically, this can affect the price of your car! Moreover, why to pay for airport fees? And of cause, the price! Sometimes the price for rent in Airport will be dramatically differ from the rent in the city. So cross some pages in Google and search for city price. For example: you can find same Kia Sportage for 300 AED per day and 160 AED per day in different places!

Of cause delivery to airport will cost more and depend on the time of arrival. But if you coming to Dubai early in the morning or at night, do you really want to drive a car straight away? It will take some time to take it, you will be tired to check the scratches and read the documents properly.. So the best solution is to take taxi to your hotel and recieve the car there, when you will take a rest! Plus some rent a cars provide free delivery to closest hotels and areas, or the price of delivery will be cheap. Same with collection in the airport. It can take time and you need to come in advance not to be late for your flight. Much easier to give your car back in the hotel and take taxi to the airport. 

Money difference? Ok, lets see, it depends on time you arriving and departure, you can save 1 day of rental, bacause you pay for each 24 Hours. Same money(depend on the car you want) you will pay for taxi, but with less nervous. Plus if you will spend time on the beach for the last day of vacation or you will just take a sunbath near the pool, why to keep the car till the evening?

One more tip: If you are not good at roads in Dubai, do not take the car from the airport. Even with GPS you can loose the exit from the airport in right direction, the speed is fast in Dubai! Much better to come to the hotel, check the GPS settings or your Simcard for Data packages, open the map and check the route you need. Look that is the name of the area, where your hotel located, that is the roads close by and how to exit to your area. Where is the parking entrance and the parking fees around the area. You don't want to have a parking fine, right? 

Check the places you want to visit, how far are they? What is the best road to take? And how to come back? 

This advices can safe a lot of your time!


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