Rent a Car Dubai - easy or not?

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Rent a car in Dubai - is it easy or not? Dubai is a huge city and there are plenty things to see. No matter what you want in Dubai - you will need a car for rent. Car rental is the easiest way to travel in Dubai. If you are working, rent a car to get to your job quickly and comfortable! If you are travelling – rent a car to see everything you want to see.

But why you should rent a car even if you are in Dubai to work? Mostly expats came to Dubai for several years. Companies send them for business trips, they can relocate the employees and mostly expats living in Dubai for several years. So why do you need a car? After you need to sell it, lose your money, do the service, insurance, salik and so on…If you don’t want all this problems, just rent the car. There are plenty types of models for rent on the market, from cheapest one to the most luxuries vehicles. You can even find the new car, with zero-mileage! So you will feel like it is your own car, but without a headache. Just choose the car from Yeti Fleets and we will do the rest for you.

For a tourist – renting a car in Dubai is one of the best choices of transportation. You can use Mobile Phone with Maps or rent GPS from Yeti Car Rental together with a car. Why renting a car and not using taxi? First, most of the time, Dubai is very crowded, so sometimes, you should wait for a taxi in a hotel or Malls for around 30 min. Second, you will see, how extremely hot Dubai can be! But we can solve this issue. Moreover, you can visit Abu-Dhabi Sheikh Zaed Mosque, Al Ain Zoo and all other Emirates. Call us from Hotel and we will deliver the car to your place within 2-3 hours, while you are relaxing. 


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