10 points you need to know to Rent a Car in Dubai

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1. Year of the Car (This is the year of production or better, when this car was bought)

2. Which year Model of the car (The year of the car can be 2015, but the model 2016)

3. Mileage (Cars with lower mileage cost more, but it is your safety on the road)

4. Condition (Even if mileage is high, the condition of the car is the priority. Smaller companies care more about their cars)

5. Check the car before signing the Vehicle In/Out report. (Mark all the points and scratches. Check the down part of the bumpers, this can save you a lot of money)

6. Read the conditions. (Most of the conditions are the same, but if it is non-smoking car, you should be aware how much is the fine)

7. Ask the car rental company about the rules on the road and what are the major fines. (You can be very surprise. For example, the traffic fines in Dubai, can cost more then your Rent a car!)

8. Note how much fuel is in the car, when you renting it. (You should return the vehicle with the same fuel level, or the rent a car will charge you more then the normal rate. )

9. Check the working hours of a company. (If you need to return the car out of working hours, you need to tell this in advance. If you will bring the car without prior notice and they will be closed, they can charge you for the extra day.)

10. Better to use Credit Card for a Deposit Blocking. (In this case, you don't need to come back after some time to collect the deposit. It is auto process, and the money will come back to your card. Also if there is any fine, you don't need to come to office and pay, the company can charge from the blocking as well, but don't worry, they can do it only with a proof of fines, so you will not be charged any extra.) 


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