Kia Sportage 2016 vs Kia Sportage 2015

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Hello, everyone! This is the post about this AMAZING KiA SPORTAGE 2016, which came just recently. 

I remember that day, when I saw Kia Sportage in same shape as 2015, which came several years back. I thought "WOW! What is this car? Kia? Kia Sportage? NO WAY!" It looked so good to me! We had the previous version in our family, but that car had nothing in common with the new Sportage. Korean cars become so beautiful and they start building new and new models, which now can compete with any brand. They have expensive, luxury class cars, cheap cars, anything you can emagine, but cheaper then cars from Germany or Japan. 

So this happen again, I saw NEW 2016 Sportage and I like it so much. It is stunning. If you think the same, call us and rent in from Yeti Car Rental!


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