Renting a car, is it cheap or expensive in Dubai?

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Renting a car, is it cheap or expensive in Dubai? 
To understand whether it is cheap or expensive to rent a car in Dubai, we decided to compare price of renting a car with other commodities and/or services.
Coffee shop vs. Rent a Car
To start with, we will consider a visit to a coffee shop, price for cup of coffee varies from twenty to thirty five dirhams plus you will order sandwich or croissant, and eventually you will end up with average price of fifty five dirhams, and obviously you are not going there alone, hence for couple it is already hundred dirhams. If now we will compare it with the price of the car rental in Dubai, we got almost equal price if you are renting the car on daily bases which is varies from eighty to hundred and twenty dirhams and it will be twice cheaper if you rent the car on monthly bases (fifty to seventy dirhams) for small or economy class vehicle or it will be same if you are renting any decent sedan with many options such as cruise control etc., on monthly bases. Ohh, maybe I better stop drinking coffee)
Deck Chair vs. Rent a Car
Rent a Deck Chair on JBR Beach is another good example, the price for Deck Chair on JBR starts hundred and ten dirhams per person, per day, if it is a bed type you will pay two hundred and ten dirhams a day. For the amount of two hundred and ten dirhams you can rent Toyota Camry or Kia Sportage on daily bases or you can afford even decent seven seater for the whole family. Maybe better to buy Deck Chairs to use them for a long time, take the car and travel around? You can find much better beach without crowd of people. Or you can even visit other Emirate and swim in Indian Ocean.


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