Warning! Summer is comming! Summer Offer 2016!

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Warning! Summer is comming! Overheating in the sun - it's not just sunburns. Heat stroke is even more dangerous! With serious overheating assistance of a qualified physician is required. So what are the symptoms of overheating?

- SunBurn. We all love to lie on the sun, but sometimes the skin become red and itching, fever is going up. In worst cases there are blisters or top layer of skin is burned so badly that the scar may remain. Try not to go out on the sun without sunscreen, even if you want a tan, use a sunblock with at least minimal protection. The cream can save you from serious burns. Do not forget to apply cream on the feets, ears and eyelids. Even these places can burn. 

- Sunstroke. Long exposure to heat can lead to heatstroke, symptoms of which is not only fever and headache, nausea, heart palpitations violation, breath and even fainting. Try not to stay on the heat for too long, drink plenty of water and wear a hat, do not carry weight and avoid exercise outdoors.

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