Toyota Hilux 6х6 by Arctic Trucks Review

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Arctic Trucks specializes in modifying 4WD vehicles for use in rough environments, for example in the mountains, on glaciers or in the desert. Rescue teams, military units, police forces and electrical companies use Arctic Trucks vehicles, as well as ordinary people who need cars that suit their lifestyle. Arctic Trucks has been operating in Iceland and Norway for many years.

Not every day you see a 6 wheel truck with a minimum ground clearance of 346 mm, which is supposed to overcome any possible obstacle and not get stuck in it. This car is claimed by developers to surmount every mountain on this planet or any other but is it so in real life? I doubt that.

From the first glance, you think that this is a decent truck with great passability and with 2 additional wheels. But if we look a bit closer and try to see into its peculiarities we understand that the only outstanding feature of this car is its décor. This beauty is made with 3.0L diesel and can manage speed up to 165 km/h. Also I should mention great space in the trunk. You can put there anything you like, because there is enough space for, for example a quad bike or a cow (choose what you prefer). Enormous tires with size of 38 X 15.5 R15 and wheelbase of 1760 mm are the things that make you think that this babe can go anywhere. Though what exactly this “anywhere” presupposes is limited by all other small things that make this car not as brilliant as from the first glance. First of all, you just cannot go to any really cold climate zone, due to the fact of simply absence of good heating system, so you can forget about going to the North Pole for summer vacation. No extra heater in the upholstery and the “stove” is not as warm as you would wish it to be. Talking about other limitations, practice shows that all this features are not enough even for climbing a small hillock with a bit of ice and snow on it. And here is the question, what is the point of these 2 wheels and all other things that make this truck so extraordinary if it just can’t deal even with medium difficulty tasks?

So what do we have left? Nothing actually. Do 2 additional wheels help a lot, or it’s only about the design? I think the latter.
On the whole the only things this car is good for are picnics near you town and showing of in the car jam. So for those who seek for a real “go-anywhere-dream-car” I would advise not to consider this option as a possibility, but for those who are tired of simple 4 wheel automobiles this beautiful toy is precisely what you need.


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