Toyota Land Cruiser V8 GXR 2015 for rent review

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Today we want to introduce our new car Land Cruiser 2015! Land Cruiser is a pride of Toyota already for a long time, but they always keep on passing modern flows and slightly change the shape of Land Cruiser 2015.  It has now new skirts and beautiful exhausts. Especially it looks aggressive in black, when you come on the parking during the day, the front lights turns on very impressively. Overall the exterior of Land Cruiser is very chic.


Why Land Cruiser is very popular in Dubai?


First of all, Land Cruiser behaves perfectly on the roads in UAE.  Our team compared all the engines and come to conclution that V6 4.6 L V8 is the best option for this model. V6 4.0 L is simply not enough for such huge car , which forces you to precss acceleration harder, hence fuel consumption increases and V8 5.7 L does not make substantial diffirence comparing with V8 4,7L, so it is hard to feel the difference between 4.6 and 5.7.

Second, humps. Yes, there are a lot of humps in Dubai. It is quite annoying and if the car is tough you can feel uncomfortable. But in Land Cruiser, you will forgot about humps, you simply will not notice them.

Third, prestige. Land Cruiser gives both: prestige and comfort.

Four, big families. In UAE most of the people have big families and they need spacious car to fit all family members. Land Cruiser is a 7 seater car, however even 8 persons can fit inside. Eeven if you don’t have big family, you can take with you everything to the beach or you can visit IKEA and buy everything you need.


Why it is better to rent Land Cruiser from Yeti Car Rental?


We have new Toyota Land Cruiser for rent, 2015 model.  It is V8, 4.6L with Leather seats, GXR, with cruise control and GPS navigation, great audio system, aux, USB, sunroof and more else. We are always keeping the car in excellent condition and you will feel like it is your own car.


Price comparison:


Prices for Land cruiser for hire differs from 500-600 AED for 4.0L 2014 to 1000-1100 for 4.6L VXR option. 4.6L GXR is the middle option, with no compromises for value, we are renting it from 700 AED to 900 AED depending on the number of days, also you can check our monthly rental price, just call us 042766755 to check exact rate and book you car NOW!


If you want to rent Toyota Land Cruiser, Yeti Car Rental is the best Company for you!


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