What should you know to rent a car in Dubai

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All about what you need to know before you rent a car in dubai.


Various points and details.

There are vast variety of companies offering cars for rent in Dubai. But what to look for? And how to make right choice and get the best deal? Here is some stories and useful tips on how to choose a car for rent. 


Price on advertisement pitfalls 

Many big rent a car operators attracting customers with low rental rates, but this rates is only for the car itself and does not include any insurance and when you add insurance the price increases significantly. Where smaller rental companies usually include comprehensive insurance to their rates. Comprehensive insurance means in case of any accident, if you are not at fault, you pay nothing. If it is your fault, you just pay the required excess as per insurance (normally 1500 AED), the rest is covered. With big rental agencies it can be like purchasing some well known vehicle brands. Potential customer arrives to the dealer, and dealer start to ask whether you need wheels attached to the car or not, and you are thinking: What? Wheels! Yes definitely I need them, it is a car!


‘’Same-Same, but Different!’’ 

With big companies, when you are booking the car online and paying in advance you mostly always see notification ‘’the car you chosen or the car from same category’’, which means: if for instance you want to take Camry and it will be not available at the time you need the car, rent a car operator will give you another car, like happened to one of my friends, it was Mitsubishi lancer instead of Camry, Same same but different! (Dubai urban slang). Totally different car, which actually should cost less, but you already paid for it, and it was mentioned «no refund due to promotional rate».


Pay for repair

As for the small and medium rental companies, they tend to not looking after their vehicle, another story happened to me when I was renting the car in Deira. I took Civic, and later, I found my bumper laying on the parking barrier, and then I realized that it was stick to the car with the small piece of wire. Insurance will not cover it because the second party is unknown and I was forced to pay insurance excess of 1500AED. If the car is new, you don’t need to think about such things.


‘’I don’t care if the car is new, I need cheap car!’’ or why price differ in each rent a car.

Once I was looking for a Kia Sportage. I wanted Medium SUV, not a luxury one and of cause cheap! I found this car for 3000 per month, it was extremely cheap and I was happy. But this was a mistake. They change the car for me 3 times. Ones, the oil start licking on the petrol station! I was afraid that it can cause fire! That time I thought that for my own safety I can pay extra 500. After this, the first question before rent the car for me was «what is the mileage and year of the car». So each rent a car has different expenses. Some of them bye used cars, some prefer only new ones, some repair and service the cars in official garage, some of them use cheaper options. All these things affect total price of the car. So if you see cheapest price on the market, try to check why? Maybe they don’t include insurance, maybe you can drive limited mileage per day, maybe the car is 5 years old and it is damaged, because in the end of the day it is your safety and your life depends on the car, especially in Dubai where motorists drive 120-140km most of the time.


The views expressed in this article are the personal opinions only.


The views expressed in this article are the personal opinions only.


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